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I need to send a quite long JSON header through an http post. In Python was like this:

    self.body_header = {
                "client": self.client_name,
                "clientRevision": self.client_version,
                "uuid": str(uuid.uuid4()),
                "session": self.get_sessionid()}

    self.body = {
                "header": self.body_header,
                "country": {"IPR":"1021", "ID":"223", "CC1":"0", "CC2":"0", "CC3":"0", "CC4":"2147483648"},
                "privacy": 1}

I need to do something similar in Java, ie, create somehow a JSON struct, convert it to a String and send it via http.

The question is, how can I achieve that easily? Any useful libraries? I know how to send it, but not how to build it and then create a String.

Thank you all.

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You can use gson.

You can create a Java Object (POJO) and serialize it as JSON by doing:

Gson gson = new Gson();
String json = gson.toJson(yourObject);

You can then send the string over HTTP.

If you do not want to go the POJO route, you can still create the JSON struct using JsonElement, JsonArray, JsonObject in the Gson API.

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You can also just create a map and serialize that if you don't want to create a POJO. Secondly, I was using gson in a project and found that jackson's performance in my real world case was much better, but I was using it to go from JSON to java rather than the direction you are going. – digitaljoel Nov 22 '11 at 5:49

I like the original org.json

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i think STO had a similar discussion A better Java JSON library?

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