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Hello What i need to do is when i click an image outside the canvas it calls a javascript function to draw something on the HTML5 canvas.

when i use a button to do this it works fine

<input type="button" id="xxx" onclick="draw()"/>

but when i use an image

<input type="image" id="xxx" onclick="draw()" src="file/sw1.gif"/>

the problem is that when i click the image it opens a new page something looks like index.html?x=89&y=8 the question is how can i make the image act just like the button without opening a new page? Thanks

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Better use an image and a absolute positioned input with opacity 0 – Toni Michel Caubet Jul 24 '13 at 19:03
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Simply use the <img> tag instead of an image input, because this is not what it was made for.

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You can certainly use an image button to execute Javascript on the onclick event. I think the key is to remove the action and id attributes from the form element. This (admittedly trivial) code works fine:

<!DOCTYPE html>
            <input type="image" value="Submit" onclick="doSomething();" src="html5.png">
            function doSomething()
                alert("hi mom");

Tested with FF 5, Chrome 12, Safari 5, and (gasp!) IE 9 (on Win7).

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