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I am having great trouble trying to use mysql_fetch_assoc and mysql_result together in the same PHP script.

Originally (when not utilizing the mysql_result function) I was getting the required database values using a combination of mysql_query and mysql_fetch_assoc and everything was fine. Then i added 2 lines into my code to obtain certain ‘title’ field values using mysql_result.

Now if i run my script as it is below i will only receive 1 result even though there are 2 result. Then if i move my do/while loop up so that it is between the other 2 blocks of code (mysql_fetch_assoc and mysql_result lines) i will receive the desired 2 results.

I need my loop to come after the mysql_result section so putting the loop before it is not an option.

// connect to DB and get values
mysql_select_db($database, $mywebsite);
$query_not_related_before = "SELECT  * FROM table  limit 2";
$not_related_before = mysql_query($query_not_related_before, $ mywebsite);
$row_not_related_before = mysql_fetch_assoc($not_related_before);

// Extract just the results from the title field (the problem area!)
$before_essayid4 = mysql_result($not_related_before,0, 'title');
$before_essayid5 = mysql_result($not_related_before,1, 'title');

// Display results etc
do { 
echo "<br />".$row_not_related_before['title']."<br />";} 
while ($row_not_related_before = mysql_fetch_assoc($not_related_before));

Plase help,

Many thanks,


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You get one row because the first already requested here:

$row_not_related_before = mysql_fetch_assoc($not_related_before);

So I think you have to move result pointer to beginning:

mysql_data_seek($not_related_before, 0);
// Display results etc
do { 
echo "<br />".$row_not_related_before['title']."<br />";} 
while ($row_not_related_before = mysql_fetch_assoc($not_related_before));
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I am unsure if this will solve your problem but I think you should "seek" the result back.

mysql_data_seek ($not_related_before, 0)

Also, check out the warning on the mysql_result page:

Calls to mysql_result() should not be mixed with calls to other functions that deal with the result set.

Hope this helps ;)

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A simpler solution would be to use 2D array's, i have always found the mysql functions to be a little cumbersome.

$result = mysqli_query(db_connect(),$query);
$result_out = array();
foreach($result_out as $row)
 echo "<br />".$row['title']."<br />"; 


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