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The interval of this function will not work. Doesn't matter if I put in 5000, 1000 or 300000.

What am I doing wrong?


var $slide_container = $('#j1-f'),
the_interval = function(){

    var $children_of_container = $slide_container.children(),
    $first_child_of_container = $children_of_container.eq(0),
    $width_of_first_child = $first_child_of_container.width();

    //since the margin wont be fully deleted if I put it in the function below, I have to delete margin of all children here

    //move child to the left and then append it to the end of div
    $first_child_of_container.animate({marginLeft: -$width_of_first_child},1000,function(){

j3i = setInterval(the_interval,10000);

//pause interval

//return interval

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Problem is solved. –  Hakan Apr 16 '11 at 10:50

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Considering that you're placing an interval of ten seconds, you should wait a bit longer...

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Found the problem The code above works. Some names was duplicated in my JS... Sorry. –  Hakan Apr 16 '11 at 10:49

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