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after googling a lot for something similar, i could find any REAL answer.

the problem is simple, i have a sprite png image that i use for all of my image assets in the site. and i have a bg.png file which is 1px by 1px semi transparent file. which where needed, i put as background for the div.

i would like to get rid of that 1px file.

any idea how this can be done ? repeat 1x1 px portion of the image as repeated background?

EDIT: i do have an idea for a solution:

with c# code i can manipulate the part of the image i need, create a new one and return it as memory stream. but i just wondered if this is possible by pure css.

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Would you consider a rather dirty cheat solution? When I'm faced with this question, I steal one pixel from the width of the image and in that 1px-wide column of pixels I put what I want. That is, I copy your bg.png into that column of pixels.

That way, I can get rid of bg.png altogether. Of course, I have to modify every img the same way, but it's worth it (to me) if the img is coming from a sprite.

    is replaced by   

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the problem is, i cannot repeat just that part, i tried in several ways and methods i found over the web, but none of those could cover the whole div with that 1px. – Dementic Apr 16 '11 at 12:04
@Rephael Herjcovic -- Then I misunderstand your question. I apologize. Maybe you could post an example; or post the css; or give a url that shows the problem. I realize that it's a simple problem and I'm sorry to say that I just don't quite get it. – Pete Wilson Apr 16 '11 at 12:31
your solution with clmarquat B FACT, made me understand how your solution works, and i could use it for my project. my mistake in the first place was not occuping the entire height/width of the sprite. – Dementic Apr 16 '11 at 20:24

Unfortunately, it's not possible. Typically, a separate background sprite is used. I would recommend reading here:

Also, from

As a consequence:

a) images that repeat in both directions cannot be included in a sprite, they should remain on their own
b) images that repeat horizontally should occupy the entire width of a CSS sprite (as in the example above)
c) images that repeat vertically should occupy the entire height of a CSS sprite
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