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I have a basic requirement - to run my application smoothly on Windows by creating firewall rules when prompted, that has windows firewall turned-ON.

When I log in to my system as an user with Admin privileges when I run my application the first time, the firewall comes up with a prompt, I inform it to allow my app and create a rule, nice.

However when I turn-on my PC, log in as a non-Admin user, and I run my application, the firewall shows up with a prompt as expected; however when I click on the same options as I did from the Admin user, the firewall prompt keeps popping up continuously even though I clicked on Allow /ok every time the prompt appears. The prompt only goes away when I click on "Cancel / Block" the application from running, which is obviously not what I want to do.

So here comes the million $ question, What and How should I change my application code to run smoothly by creating the firewall rule successfully the first time I click on the firewall prompt to allow my application; exactly the same way it is working when I run my application as an user with Admin privileges.

I have done my bit of searching online and have come to understand that Non-admin users cannot modify firewall rules (cannot even create them???). BTW I have tested this scenario on Windows XP, Vista 7 both x86 and x64 with same results.

If someone has encountered and / or solved similar issues please share your knowledge. If I am missing something, please make me understand what I am missing.


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I don't think what you are trying is possible in a non-admin account. What you may try is to gain admin privilege by using the windows runas feature by creating a new process, so that the user is prompted for the username and password of the Admin Account, which would give your program the required access to create firewall rules for your program.

You may also take a look into CreateProcessAsUser or LogOnUSer . Basically in order to succeed in what you are trying to do, you need a token that represents the Administrator account or an account which has admin privileges.

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Thanks. I actually am calling CreateProcessAsUser but still have this issue. I will play around with the flags/parameters and see how it behaves. I do not think I can use LogOnUser in my scenario. – aeon Apr 18 '11 at 3:12

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