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I have a script called 'git-export' which helps me to export a remote repository. It is run like that:

git-export <-t tag or -b branch or -c commit> /local/dir

Before it was used to export local repository and I used these commands:

to get commit from branch:

git branch -v --no-abbrev|awk '($1=="'$BRANCH'") || ($1 == "*" && $2 == "'$BRANCH'"){if($1 == "*"){print $3;}else{print $2;}}'


git rev-parse -q --verify $BRANCH^{commit}

to get commit by tag:

git rev-parse -q --verify $TAG^{commit}

also I have scripts to list tags, versions (tags, starting with v), I use git branch -v to show branches....

Question is: How can I do these things on remote repository without having local. Is there some general way to query remote. For example: git --remote= branch -v or git --remote= log

Resion: If I want to install software on remote host I just want to

  1. list versions, branches, etc
  2. export specific version/branch/commit and show SHA1 of the commit regardless which one of these I export (by export I mean git archive --remote=<repo>|tar x)


I don't want to actionalyl run the commands on remote. I want to use the remote repository with local commands and display it formatted.

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You can use curl for checking if the specific url exists or not for example when i try to hit angularjs existing url

$ curl -I
**HTTP/1.1 200 OK**
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 15:22:40 GMT

When I hit on a wrong URL

$ curl -I
**HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found**
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 15:24:06 GMT

Hope this helps

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Or use simple ssh

ssh remote 'cd repo/ && git remote update'

or similar

If there is only git:// or http:// connectivity, from man git-daemon:

 By default, only upload-pack service is enabled, which serves git fetch-pack and git ls-remote clients, which are invoked from git fetch, git pull,
   and git clone.
   This is ideally suited for read-only updates, i.e., pulling from git repositories.
   An upload-archive also exists to serve git archive.
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But what if the remote's only accessible via http:// or git://? – Jefromi Apr 16 '11 at 17:18
added answer inline – sehe Apr 16 '11 at 17:49
I don't understand how to use cut from man git-daemon. Let's say that we only have http:// repository exported with apache. Git daemon is not used. How will you run git commands on it. – NickSoft Apr 16 '11 at 19:09
I quote git-daemon because it describes what functions git-shell supports for remote usage. These were purposely kept to a minimum, of course with a view to security issues that might arise from exposing the full monty of git (which comes with the kitchen sink and would easily become a security liability) – sehe Apr 16 '11 at 19:15
@sehe: I'm pretty sure that ls-remote works over git:// too, so the snippet you quoted (while essentially true) isn't quite the whole story. – Jefromi Apr 17 '11 at 1:41

You're looking for git ls-remote. For example:

$ git ls-remote git://
4d8b32a2e1758236c4c1b714f179892e3bce982c    HEAD
f75a94048af9e423a3d8cba694531d0d08bd82b4    refs/heads/html
810cae53e0f622d6804f063c04a83dbc3a11b7ca    refs/heads/maint
70b5eebd65f2d47fd69073aed1d3da0f1fd7a017    refs/heads/man
4d8b32a2e1758236c4c1b714f179892e3bce982c    refs/heads/master
b9f1b13437fd0b8b1857ffbdebb9e1adc50481f0    refs/heads/next
83a9d3226b19a683a9a783bde0784c2caf19e9a1    refs/heads/pu
2309986900ed1a5744b3a81c507943593000ce32    refs/heads/todo
d5aef6e4d58cfe1549adef5b436f3ace984e8c86    refs/tags/gitgui-0.10.0
3d654be48f65545c4d3e35f5d3bbed5489820930    refs/tags/gitgui-0.10.0^{}
33682a5e98adfd8ba4ce0e21363c443bd273eb77    refs/tags/gitgui-0.10.1
729ffa50f75a025935623bfc58d0932c65f7de2f    refs/tags/gitgui-0.10.1^{}
(git.git has a lot of tags!)

You can limit yourself to branches with the --heads option or tags with the --tags option, or specify a pattern to select refs, for example to see only the git version tags from git.git, git ls-remote <url> refs/tags/v*. Or you might already know exactly what ref you want: git ls-remote <url> HEAD.

You can't run arbitrary commands on arbitrary remotes, though. The transfer protocols don't support that - they're designed to support listing refs and transferring objects (via packs). In particular, you won't be able to do anything analogous to rev-list. You'll be limited to getting SHA1s for commits pointed to by refs.

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that looks pretty useful and I think it'll do the job, but is there a command that accepts --format argument? One of the problems with this format: ^{} means that this is the commit that the tag points to. However if the tag is lightweight then the commit sha1 will be without ^{}. I want to get the sha1 of the commit when listing tags, regardless of the type of the tag. I used for-each-ref with --format to do that. see man git-for-each-ref – NickSoft Apr 16 '11 at 16:45
@NickSoft: Yeah, I know what you mean, but I think you'll probably have to do it yourself. If you can count on all tags being annotated (which is probably good practice anyway), you can do git ls-remote <url> refs/tags/*^{}, but otherwise I think you'll have to read the list and do a little post-processing. (Of course, note that you can use the annotated tag's SHA1 for git archive anyway, so you could also just strip out all of the pointed-to commits with a grep -v '\^{}$' and be done with it.) – Jefromi Apr 16 '11 at 17:17

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