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I'am trying now to develop Android Apps using Eclipse. I have already installed the ADT Plugin and the Android SDK.

Now, I just want to see with the keys CTRL + Space the android classes(android packages) while typing a android method. For Example when i type OnCr and press CTRL + Space, it should show me the methods like onCreate, onCreateContextMenu and so on.But when i press these combination there comes No Default Proposals or something like that.

But if i type "ja" and press CTRL + Space it shows me all the java packages like java, java.awt and so on.

Or if i want to type for example System.out.println and just only type in System and press the CTRL+Space key i see that the System class is in the java.lang package and after a dought i can repeatly choose in the list a underclass of System class like out, in , getproperty and so on.

My question is what i must do in Eclipse so these function works for android packages or android classes whatever too?

I don't want ever type the full methodsnames to develop an application i want to choose it from the Proposals list. The own methods i have created are not a problem , i can see my own methods in the list but i want to see the android methods too.

I have read in many communitys about Content Assist in Preferences section in Eclipse. But i can only tick there some standard things like java proposal or java non-type proposal how to add android?

Or a Suggestion in which another IDE i can do it with these lists for android is acceptable,too.

By the way i am using Eclipse Helios.

Can you help me please


HaShLo BuRn

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Android uses the same classes as java. Whenever I work on an andorid project with eclipse I can always use ctrl space. I read your question 3 times and I don't see what is your problem Eclipse auto clompletion always worked fine for me – Jason Rogers Apr 16 '11 at 14:01
ok again, for example i want to write a public void onCreate Method. When i start to typing "onCrea" is it normal that the Proposal list don't appears? I think if i am typing the proposal list automatically must be shown or not? with the methods like onCreate or onCreateContextMenu or onCreateOptions Menu. In my IDE it don't appears this list. And i think you are wrong these Methods are not typical methods in java . These are only for android as far as i know. When i start to type "andr" the list must be shown and show me the packages like android or android.process or and so on? – HaShLo BuRn Apr 16 '11 at 14:11
Question answered here:… – Felipe Barreiros Dec 5 '11 at 20:40

Working solution: I have deleted my Eclipse version. I had the Eclipse for Java Developers version and i replaced it with Eclipse Classic 3.6.2. I didn't have to reinstall the Android SDK.

Then I just install the ADT plugin in Eclipse Classic and link it with the Android SDK and it works.

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Are you actually starting from onCr... or are you doing public void onCr...? The first will give you auto-complete proposals and the second will not.

Try the following simple example:

package com.example;


public class AutoComplete extends Activity {
    onCr//CTRL-SPACE here

This shows the list of suggestions fine for me in Eclipse 3.4.2 with no additional configuration.

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i start typing like the first one but no result , if i start tyoing like the second one i don't get a result, too. – HaShLo BuRn Apr 16 '11 at 15:17
I have upload an image of my IDE while typing the example: Image how can i fix this please help. In this topic:… there is the same problem , the user there use Netbeans instead of Eclipse but it must be possible in Eclipse. I don't wanna change my IDE just because it don't show the list with the examples ... PLEASE HELP – HaShLo BuRn Apr 16 '11 at 15:23

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