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I put next line: Mongoid.logger =$stdout) but nothing happens. I want to see mongoid logging information in my console after each request. Thank you.

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I tried the same thing and it works (rails 3.0.4, mongo 1.2.1 and mongoid 2.0.0.rc.6). What version are you using? Can you see logging data in the log/development.log logfile? What does Mongoid.logger say before and after you set it to STDOUT (in other words, if you put "Mongoid.logger" in the console, what does it print out)? –  Lukas Stejskal Apr 28 '11 at 12:53

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I do something like:

Mongoid.configure do |config|
  config.master =, port, logger:$stdout)).db(database_name)
  config.raise_not_found_error = false
  ...other settings...

in a config/db.rb file, which of course has require "mongoid" and some rake task, usually :console which requires this file before launching irb. example gist

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