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I understand that there is no default input dialog in silverlight for windows phone 7. But i need this for my project.

I want it to have the same metro look as the default messagebox class. Whats the easiest way to do this? Can i extend the messagebox class and add som kind of textfield to it? Or should i perhaps use popup or child window?

Please help my out on this one guys :) Stack overflow has been a great asset and has helped me alot when I get stuck in my projects!

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You could use InputPrompt from the Coding4Fun Toolkit:

InputPrompt prompt = new InputPrompt();
prompt.Title = "Here Is A Title";
prompt.Message = "Specify a unique message:";

prompt.Completed += (pResult,sResult) =>

Or you could use the CustomMessageBox from WPToolkit:

CustomMessageBox box = new CustomMessageBox()
    Caption = "Your Caption Here",
    Message = "Enter a unique message",
    LeftButtonContent = "ok",
    RightButtonContent = "cancel",
    Content = textBox    

box.Dismissed += (s, boxEventArgs) =>


Both are great options and at the end of the day it will be a matter of preference as to which one to use for your specific case.

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I used to see a NotificationMessageBox; I'm not use if it works. If there is really no existing control to use, I would rather use Popup to make my custom dialog. You can use text box there. :)

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I published a blog post about Customizing MessageBox on Windows Phone 7, which might help. Another alternative woudl be to use the InputPrompt from the Coding4Fun Toolkit.

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use messagePrompt from Coding4FunToolkit for WP...

you can do it like this:

MessagePrompt p = new MessagePrompt();
p.Body = (any UserControl(customized), string, etc.)
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