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I know this question was asked early last year, but I'm interested if anything has changed (its mid-April 2011)? I basically want to know if GAE is dying or growing?

Is there a current comparison anywhere of who's using cloud services from Amazon, MS, and Google?

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Growing: onebigfluke.com/2010/12/nuff-said.html –  hyperslug Apr 16 '11 at 16:02

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GAE is definitely growing. For computationally light python webapps I would say that there's few to none better services available, primarily because of the on demand charges. With amazon you always have to have an ec2 instance of some form or another running, but with GAE you can go days between visitors and not pay a cent until somebody visits your site. I've had a fairly complex app running primarily doing web scraping of about 3000 pages a day and I've only paid $0.02 so far when I accidentally set up a loop that wasn't exiting properly.

However I am coming from a python perspective. The elastic beanstalk on amazon seems to be java focused so it's nothing I have any experience with.

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There was a comparison of GAE, Amazon Bean Stalk and CloudBees recently. It relates to using PaaS for Java applications but you can see if it helps you. J-Shootout

I myself don't know which is best, but I would keep an eye out for Cloud Foundry VMWare's PaaS solution seems like a really good deal if it can live up to the hype.

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