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I used the Apple splitview with multiple detail views example. I have several different detail views, some of them have navigationcontrollers, so I can do a pushViewController to push a "settings page" for example. In the xib file I have to specify a specific detailview as the "Class" which happens to be the first detailView. When I run the program I am able to push a new view from the first detail view, but when I navigate away from the view by clicking on another detaiview then go back to the first detailView, the pushsubview doesn't work.

Note:If I do this with just 1 detailviewcontroller this works fine. Something seems to get disconnected when I change to multiple detailviewcontrollers

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yes, the navigationcontroller disappears. I've put it in the appdeligate but it still doesnt work. here is a link to the source code. when you navigate away fromt he first tab, you can see that the navbar disappears. Could someone have a look, thanks. link – user711433 Apr 19 '11 at 16:32

It sounds like your navigationController is getting deallocated. Put this statement before the "push" to find out:

   NSLog(@" Navigation Controller is 0x%x",myNavigationController);

If it reports "0x0", then you need to keep a reference to your navController somewhere so it stays around.

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