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I've got an Activity with a Tabhost, all tabs are represented by Activities, one of them called BrowserTab.

All these Activities observe an Observable class, Data.

In BrowserTab, I call a method in Data, which retrieves some data from the internet. I want to notify the user with a ProgressDialog on calling this method. I tried it like this:

In BrowserTab:

public void loadXML(){
    progressDialog =, "", "Loading. Please wait...", true);

public void update(Observable o, Object arg)

In Data:

public void loadXML(String url)
    this.xml = new XMLParser().parse(url);


Like this, the ProgressDialog appears áfter loading, to dissapear again immediately.

When I create a new Thread in the loadXML(String url) method in Data, I get a "Activity has leaked window" exception when the Observers are notified.

I've searched for solutions to this problem, but I just can't figure out how to fix this. Anyone an idea?

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The answer is use this.getApplicationContext() instead of this:

progressDialog =, "", "Loading. Please wait...", true);

more explanation is here:

ProgressDialog : how to prevent Leaked Window


Well I found out later that this.getApplicationContext()

always is equal to null, So I used DialogFragment and add a ProgressBar to it instead of using the ordinary ProgressDialog.

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Try to change your code with this..

progressDialog =, "", "Loading. Please wait...", true);
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