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Android text shadows have shadowDx and shadowDy to specify the shadow's offset. These are floats and are a factor rather than absolute units. The answer given here implies that there's no easy way of specifying the shadow's position in pixels or dips: TextView:shadowDx/Dy/Radius in dip?

So... what do the units mean? If I give a shadowDx of 1.5, that's 1.5 what? 1.5 times the text size?

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OK, I guess the units are physical pixels. The fact that the documentation doesn't state what the units are (it just says "Must be a floating point value"), and that you don't get to choose which units (pixels or dip), was confusing me.

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Actually, I think the unit is pd, not pixels.

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Not so. It remains an unresolved issue – Mark Feb 10 '13 at 0:54

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