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I am look for a way to get info from Ebay so i can display items i have for sale on my site i have tried some 3rd party programs and all i get is the name of the item and a picture.

What i want is The name linked to ebay item, the picture and the current bid.

oh yea my site is written with codeignighter.

I perfer to use code on my page not have to go thru someone else code if i can help it

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By "someone else's code" do you consider the eBay API to be out of the question?'s-items-with-finditemadvanced-call

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i'll have to look at that when i have more time but it may do what im looking for as long as i can use my css to make it look the way i want – Rod Nelson Apr 17 '11 at 19:08

You can use , you will be affiliating your own items. They have a log of widgets you can use and customize to display your items.

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