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When using attributesOfItemAtPath:error:, is NSFileSystemFileNumber always guaranteed to be unique for the device?

For example, I have a file with a certain NSFileSystemFileNumber, but a few days later I delete this file. If I create another file later on, is it possible that this new file can ever re-use the other file's NSFileSystemFileNumber, or will the NSFileSystemFileNumber always be unique?


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NSFileManager Class Reference


The key in a file attribute dictionary whose value indicates the file's filesystem file number. The corresponding value is an NSNumber object containing an unsigned long. The value corresponds to the value of st_ino, as returned by stat(2).

man 2 stat

ino_t st_ino; /* inode's number */

So this is an inode number. I believe inode can be reused by filesystem after original file is deleted.

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Thanks, looks like "u_long st_gen; /* file generation number */" gets incremented if/when the inode is reused, but that's only available to the superuser apparently. Anyway, thanks! – taber Apr 17 '11 at 1:19

The NSFileSystemFileNumber is just the file's inode number. It's unique to the file while the file exists, but once the file is gone, it could be reused at any time.

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Thanks Chuck! Looks like hoha beat ya to it. :) – taber Apr 17 '11 at 1:22

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