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Suppose that you have 3 models. User, BossLocation and DiscoveredLocation. The latter just shows the boss locations that a user has(many to many).

Now, my question is simple. What is the most efficient way to present (along with controller code of course) the view like below to a particular user(current_user), that shows all the boss locations like :

User = "John"

Location1 -> discovered
Location2 -> not discovered
Location3 -> discovered

(NOTICE : All the locations must be there, whether discovered or not)

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It seems to me like you are unclear about your model inheritance. Shouldn't BossLocation simply have a boolean property discovered instead of making discovered locations a separate class or subclass? And then: Are you simply looking for a way to display one user's info, or are you looking for a way to query all users by the existence of one or more locations? – weltraumpirat Apr 17 '11 at 0:53
It's a many to many association, that is why a third model like discovered locations is needed. I'm looking for a way to display information for a particular registered user, as shown above. – Spyros Apr 17 '11 at 0:54

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