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I made some changes to my website, then had to reformat my server, and over two weeks I tried to undo what I did (it was a stupid forum thingy). Obviously I missed something, becuase now I have the dreaded Build Failed With No Error problem.

This is my home server, so no I am not running source control.

After staring at it for a few days, I decided to try somehting. Today I allowed VS to run the last successful build, and it still works.

QUESTION: How can I go back to the last successful build? I don't care about any changes made since it worked. That's really all I need.


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Have you checked to see if you have Previous Versions available?

It sounds like you won't likely be able to recover the source files / project config, though you could certainly attempt to recover the "source" by using tools like ILSpy or .NET Reflector. You can use them to examine the output assemblies, and reconstruct your code if necessary.

As a lesson learned, both Mercurial and Git work wonderfully for versioning home projects - I'd give a slight nod to Mercurial in your case as it works just a tad bit easier on the Windows platform.

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