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I hate to keep asking basic questions and looking like a complete idiot, but until I can sit down and master Javascript and jQuery, I have to rely on you kind and generous folks here.

I'm calling Tumblr posts tagged "_featured" and showing them in the sidebar along with an image if it's a text post with an included image. The only problem is that the image itself isn't linked. Not a big deal, but a little unintuitive. How would I fix that?

And the code:

    Automatically gets all posts tagged with "featured" and lists them
    Created by james <at> bandit.co.nz

    Some code borrowed from Jacob DeHart's AJAX Search:
Featured = {
    'apiNum' : 50, // how many posts to read
    'listId' : '_featured', // the id of the ul to write to
    'tagName' : '_featured', // the name of the tag we're searching for
    'linkAppend' : '', // html to append to the end of each linked post

    'postDB' : [],
    'listPos' : 0,
    'doList' : function (where) {
        var li; var ul = $('#'+where);
        var titles = {"link":"link-text", "photo":"photo-caption", "quote":"quote-text", "regular":"regular-title", "video":"video-caption"}

        // cycle through post database
        pcount = Featured.postDB.length;
        for(i=Featured.listPos;i<pcount;i++) {
            p = Featured.postDB[i];
            if(p[titles[p.type]] != '') titlestr = p[titles[p.type]].replace(/<\/?[^>]+>/gi, '');
            else titlestr = p['url'];

            li = document.createElement('li');
            .append('<div class="featurelink"><a class="'+p.type+'" href="'+p["url-with-slug"]+'">'+titlestr+Featured.linkAppend+'</a></div>');

            Featured.listPos = pcount;

    'getData' : function() {
            function(data) {
                for(i=0;i<tumblr_api_read.posts.length;i++) {


As always, any help receives my undying gratitude.

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Your problem is that you're appending the image to the <li> when you want it inside the <a> that will be inside that <li>. Changing your list item builder from this:

li = document.createElement('li');
     .append('<div class="featurelink"><a class="'+p.type+'" href="'+p["url-with-slug"]+'">'+titlestr+Featured.linkAppend+'</a></div>');

to something like this:

$li = $('<li>');
$li.append('<div class="featurelink"><a class="' + p.type + '" href="' + p["url-with-slug"] + '">' + titlestr + Featured.linkAppend + '</a></div>');
$li.find('a').prepend($(p['regular-body']).find('img')[0]); // The important part

should do the trick. The changes build the <a> inside the <li> and then put the image at the front (i.e. prepends) of the <a>. You'll probably have to adjust the CSS a little bit to get the layout you want, probably something like:

a     { display: block; }
a img { display: block; }

with the appropriate CSS selectors to localize them.

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Hey, thanks for the quick reply. That does the trick. One (more) question though: what would the "proper" way be to put a div around the link text so I can style it independently of the image? I know I could do it solely with CSS, but the code would end up redundant. Something I like to avoid. –  Andrew Apr 17 '11 at 3:15
You'd probably want to put a span around the text: ><span>' + titlestr + Featured.linkAppend + '</span></a>. Then you can select the span with .featureImage a span or give the the span a class if you want a simpler selector. –  mu is too short Apr 17 '11 at 3:26
Perfect. I have to say, more than anything, it's the little formatting issues that end up getting me. The power of a properly placed comma, eh? Thanks again, you've saved me a lot of time. –  Andrew Apr 17 '11 at 5:47

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