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public struct Char
 public const char MaxValue = (char)0xffff;
 public const char MinValue = '\0';

Why don't make this fields to be static? What for it's always allocating additional memory for each char while this two values are permanent?

Edit: I don't know how I could forget about been static implicitly!

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+1 tou counter the -1 this is a legit question i guess, dunno why you got downvoted – fmsf Feb 20 '09 at 10:54
I can understand the downvote to some extent. It currently includes incorrect statements rather than asking, "Doesn't this mean that [...]." Not sure it's worth either up or down myself though. – Jon Skeet Feb 20 '09 at 11:01
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Because they are static.

Const fields are static implicitly.

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const fields are implicity static. From section 10.4 of the spec:

Even though constants are considered static members, a constant-declaration neither requires nor allows a static modifier. It is an error for the same modifier to appear multiple times in a constant declaration.

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