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This book mainly describes having your architecture in two layers described below, but does not go into detail on where to put your business logic.

book recommends you structure your project in the following way - - projectname - an mvc project - basically just the front end which includes UI, control through the UI and models used to render the UI

  • projectname.domain - which breaks down into
    • projectname.abstract - interfaces for mocking and polymorphism go here
    • projectname.concrete - concrete implementations of the abstract interfaces
    • services - any classes that make calls to external apps, services, sending emails etc

I was thinking for smaller projects i could just create another folder in the domain layer i.e.

and for larger projects create another project i.e.

This then leaves me unsure how to structure the business layer itself

can anyone recommend how best to put the business layer logic into this kind of framework?


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I'm not trying to be rude, but the fact you have to even ask this question doesn't give me a good vibe about the quality / depth of this book. Hopefully the answers below will fill the gap :) – Adrian K Apr 17 '11 at 11:28

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If your concrete implementations won't contain your business logic either directly or through an organized use of partial classes then you can do this many different ways, but the two I would recommend would be 1. As you mentioned above with projectname.Business 2. projectname.Library in either case I would also add a folder in there named facades that provides the entry points to your logic (see facade pattern)

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I have 4 projects - core,web.controllers,web,and tests. The core contains all the "logic" and has sub folders for the "domain" and "services" as well as few others. Almost all logic is handled within the objects in are used to populate my domain objects from database or do stuff such as send email etc.

That book is great for explaining ASP MVC but like you said it just barely touches on the subject you're asking. I'd take a look at the Sharp Architecture or Who Can Help Me projects or get that design patterns book by scott millet. they'll give you a lot of good ideas but imo take it all with a grain of salt cause a lot of whats in all those I think is overkill for simple web sites.

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