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I'm building a website using perl/catalyst and I'm bothered with multi-language problem.

I'm supposed to put the strings in a file other than perl code file(.pl .pm), and it should stay within the memory throughout the lifetime of the server.

At first I try to put it into $c->config during setup of catalyst, so I used standard perl-style file-IO open LANG, "<file" but I found out that after start up what's actually in the config is pack(H*, ...). I don't know what happened to my string.

Some more information: All file discussed above was utf-8 encoded.

Could anyone help me or give another better solution to multi-language problem?

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Use the industry standard GNU gettext. It's supported by CatalystX::I18N.

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Thanks a lot. I looked up the documation and found it was exactly what I want. –  Cauly Apr 18 '11 at 1:06

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