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This code in a partial:

<div class ="vote_updated">
    <p><%= event.actor %> <% case event.subject.value
        when 1
            puts " upvoted"
        when -1
            puts " downvoted"
        when 0
            puts " removed a vote from"  
        end %> a song. </p>
    <div class="video_div">
        <%= render 'videos/video', :video => event.secondary_subject %>

is being rendered as one big string instead of the resulting HTML code from the embedded ruby being evaluated.

This is the code that renders the partial:

<div id="feed_div">
    <%= render_timeline current_user.recent_events %>

and this is the render_timeline method in application_helper.rb:

def timeline(events)
  events.map do |event|
    render(:partial => "timeline_events/#{event.event_type}", :locals => {:event => event})
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It might be that your call to .join in timeline is marking the string as unsafe - maybe try altering it to:

def timeline(events)
  events.map do |event|
    render(:partial => "timeline_events/#{event.event_type}", :locals => {:event => event})

and see if that helps :-)

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thanks!!! i can accept your answer in 8 minutes –  Justin Meltzer Apr 17 '11 at 5:45

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