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Hello i'm trying to deploy a django app which uses the {{ STATIC_URL }} tag.

When I put my code up on EC2 (in debug mode) I get the following error:

Module "django.core.context_processors" does not define a "static" callable 
        request processor

This doesn't happen on ./manage.py runserver This also disapears when I remove the django.core.context_processors.static from my template context processors (but then I don't get static media)

Anyone know whats going on?

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The static context_processor - and the staticfiles app - were added in version 1.3. It looks like you're running an older version in production.

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Does that mean I cannot use STATIC_URL in settings.py ? –  Jibin Sep 30 '11 at 11:23

I hope you found a solution. But since no one decided to put one here I will, In the event any one new to Django such as myself stumble upon this error, here is my solution. If you carefully read the error assuming you have DEBUG=True you will come to realise that the static definition(pythonic function) is missing from context_processors.py in the django.core module. Therefore head there in your directory. on my server it was /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/django/core. Edit the context_processors.py and add the following function

 def static(request):
    # this func will static-related context variables to the context
    return {'STATIC_URL': settings.STATIC_URL}
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