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I'm currently working on a multiplatform app for iPhone and various other devices, as far as I can work out I can use preprocessor directives to check if I'm building for iPhone or another platform, so for example I could have:

ScreenRes = new Vector2(800,480);

#if XBOX360
ScreenRes = new Vector2(1280,720);

However I'm not sure which declaration I'm supposed to use to check for iPhone, I've already tried IPHONE, IOS, I_PHONE and a few others.

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We do not define any by default. You can do this by adding the define yourself when you build it with MonoDevelop to your configurations.

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Recent versions of Xamarin Studio will provide extra defines to the compiler.

E.g. for Xamarin.iOS both __MOBILE__ and __IOS__ will be defined.

E.g. for Xamarin.Android both __MOBILE__ and __ANDROID__ will be defined.

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