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When I turn on icicles mode in emacs, it kinda mess up delete-selection-mode. After copied some text, if I try to yank it into a highlighted region, instead of replace that region, it will append at the end of the region. I say kinda because, I could still use backspace or directly type text to replace the highlighted region. Only yanking behavior is not right.

Is there some option in icicles mode to fix this yank behavior? So far I haven't found any.

Thank you

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It sounds like something that should be reported to the maintainer of icicles mode. –  Pascal Cuoq Apr 17 '11 at 8:11
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Yes, M-x icicle-send-bug-report RET

Give a complete recipe, starting from emacs -Q. It sounds like you have some other setting somewhere that is interfering. I use Icicles with delete-selection-mode all the time.

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M-x icicle-send-bug-report RET

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