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I think this is very basic, but still, I didn't understand what I should do here: In my app there are many JPG and MP3 files stored in the app bundle; they are triggered and displayed upon user actions. When I change a certain file (for example, I had a photo and I wanted to change it to a new photo with the same file name instead of the one I had), I delete it from the bundle (selecting "Also Move to Trash") and then insert the new file.

In some cases (not always) the old file is simply not disappearing (!?!); If I look in the bundle I see the new photo, but when I run the the Simulator I still see the old photo (same goes with mp3 files).


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maybe you should delete the app in simulator and re-install it to simulator by Xcode.

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thanks man, that did it... –  Ohad Regev Apr 17 '11 at 9:27

When Installing app in simulator, Xcode doesn't delete old files, which can lead some troubles like this. Just make sure to :

  • delete app from simulator
  • OR reset simulator
  • OR (the one I prefer) delete app directly from ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/_version_/Applications
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Build>>Clean & Build>>Clean all targets will solve your issue.

Do these two things and then compile and run the app and you'll see the changes.

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For some reason in XCode in the Build menu the "Clean" and the "Clean all Targets" options are disabled and there is no "Clean & Build". Is the Build menu where I'm supposed to be looking for "Clean & Build" or did you mean something else? –  Ohad Regev Apr 17 '11 at 9:32

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