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I want to create an artificial neural network (in PyBrain) that follows the following layout:


However, I cannot find the proper way to achieve this. The only option that I see in the documentation is the way to create fully connected layers, which is not what I want: I want some of my input nodes to be connected to the second hidden layer and not to the first one.

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The solution is to use the connection type of your choice, but with slicing parameters: inSliceFrom, inSliceTo, outSliceFrom and outSliceTo. I agree the documentation should mention this, so far it's only in the Connection class' comments.

Here is example code for your case:

#create network and modules
net = FeedForwardNetwork()
inp = LinearLayer(9)
h1 = SigmoidLayer(2)
h2 = TanhLayer(2)
outp = LinearLayer(1)
# add modules
# create connections
net.addConnection(FullConnection(inp, h1, inSliceTo=6))
net.addConnection(FullConnection(inp, h2, inSliceFrom=6))
net.addConnection(FullConnection(h1, h2))
net.addConnection(FullConnection(h2, outp))
# finish up
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Hmm, I'm actually learning PyBrain from the source code itself, except that I use to kick it in with the tutorial, but then checking in depth what its code does with the lines of the tutorial. Turns out it is a good idea? :) Read code, not docs - python has docstrings anyway! :) – n611x007 May 19 '13 at 15:56
Hi, just curious. Let's say we want to create a cascade feed forward neural network (, so we will just need to create connections between any 2 layers? – freak_warrior Jan 14 '15 at 16:49

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