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I am using the following code to embed a Java applet in a web page,

<APPLET CODE="main.class" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=80 archive='testing.jar'>

But the problem is, the class file for my applet is in a package named environment, which means my main.class is inside a folder environment.

The browser show me the error message that it can't search my class file when I use


How can I set it to refer the class file in a package in the jar file which I export out?

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You'll probably want to take a look at Deploying an Applet and Deploying With the Applet Tag. Here's a small working example of an applet that might help you. The HTML for that page is simply:

<applet width="200" height="200" archive="ImageIconApplet.jar"
        code="com.whitefang34.ImageIconApplet" /> 

The applet source code is:

package com.whitefang34;

public class ImageIconApplet extends JApplet {
    public void init() {
        URL url = getClass().getResource("/images/WhiteFang34.jpg");
        ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(url);
        JLabel label = new JLabel(icon, JLabel.CENTER);

And the packaged jar for the applet contains:

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Might be worth mentioning that the <applet> tag is obsolete in HTML5, use <object> instead. – scry Feb 5 '14 at 6:26

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