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I have some old program source code that I wrote for Turbo C compiler.I made changes to them and want to recompile them in newer compilers for Linux and Windows.So please tell me what are the BEST alternative functions to

getch(), delay() / sleep (), clrscr(), gotoxy()

for C and C++.

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Take a look at the ncurses library, for Unix compatible systems.

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For Windows systems:

Best is to compile the program as a console application for windows.

You can directly use the Windows API for console windows and console output. Take a look at the MSDN: Windows Console functions

Here are possible replacements for the given functions:

  • getch(): use _getch() from conio.h
  • delay()/sleep(): use the windows Sleep() function
  • clrscr(): write your own clrscr() function by using FillConsoleOutputCharacter() and FillConsoleOutputAttribute()
  • gotoxy(): use SetConsoleCursorPosition()
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system("cls") should do the job for clrscr. :) –  Xeo Apr 17 '11 at 12:01

On Unix-like systems you can use VT100 escape codes for replacing clrscr() and gotoxy(). clrscr():

std::cout << "\033[2J" << std::flush;

See http://www.termsys.demon.co.uk/vtansi.htm for gotoxy() and more.

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