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I am pretty new at this, so any help is much appreciated.

While building a tabbed interface I am trying to reuse the same partial and controller and pass a :conditions to a controller to build every tab differently.

@wishes_category = Wish.find :all,
:order => 'id DESC',
:conditions => {:user_id =>}

First tab would need something like :category_id=>1 in the controller's :conditions thus limiting what I show in it. I am trying to pass this condition to a partial which would use the a pre-limited @wishes_category with :category_id=>1

Thanks! Naz


Based on what Erik said, I then limited the @wishes_category this way <% if category_id == wish.category_id %> in the partial thus solving the problem

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You can pass local parameters to a partial through its render tag using something like:

<%= render :partial => 'tab', :locals => {:category_id => 1} %>

This sets a local variable in the partial named category_id equal to 1. In your partial, it would be referenced simply using <%= category_id %>. Now you are able to render the same partial file multiple times in a page with different local variables.

Of course the variable category_id must exist in the partial before being used or it will throw an error. You can protect against this by checking <% if local_assigns[:category_id] %> first.

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Thanks for your help, Erik! I got the local variable category_id to be passed to all tabs. As a follow up, how would I use that to influence my @wishes_category controller to apply the condition? – Naz Apr 17 '11 at 15:28
Sorry I didn't see your question earlier but I don't quite understand it... if you still need help please start another question and elaborate further. The actual reason I revisited this is that I realized the way to check if the local exists in the partial is by calling if local_assigns[:category:id]. I made the edit above. – Erik J Apr 20 '11 at 21:07
Thanks Erik! I got it to work with your tip and will use the edited code to put in a check for the local. – Naz Apr 22 '11 at 16:31

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