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I need to parse a line from cmd that looks like this


i take the whole line with fgets:


and tried to tokenize like this:

sscanf(input_buf,"%s", var_buff);

sscanf(input_buf+strlen(var_buff),"%s", var_val_buff);

sscanf(input_buf+(strlen(var_buff)+strlen(var_val_buff)+2),"%s", rest_line_buff);

if (strlen(rest_line_buff) == 0)

    printf("error in usage\n");

I dont get the right values as the number of white spaces may vary. how can i tokenize the input line?

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Are you passing "SOME WHITE SPACE" "var_name" "SOME WHITE SPACE" "var_value" "SOME WHITE SPACE" as command line argument?? Didnt get the question. – Sadiq Apr 17 '11 at 14:28
no - i'm looping over many values the a user types in the command line - this is not an argument. thanks – aaaa Apr 17 '11 at 14:30
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All functions from the scanf family aggregate and skip multiple whitespace characters by default:

sscanf(input_buf," %s %s", var_buff, var_val_buf);

I am not sure the leading whitespace in the format string is strictly necessary, but I am positive that it is correct event if there is no actual whitespace at the beginning of the input line.

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Use strtok, as shown in the sample program below:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main ()
  char sampleInput[] ="foo bar foo1 bar1 foo2 bar2";
  char *token;
  char *whiteSpace = " \t\n\f\r\v";
  int isVariable = 1;

  token = strtok(sampleInput, whiteSpace);
  while (token != NULL)
     if (isVariable) 
        printf("Variable = %s\n", token);
        printf("Value = %s\n\n", token);
     isVariable = isVariable ? 0 : 1;
     token = strtok(NULL, whiteSpace);
  return 0;


Variable = foo
Value = bar

Variable = foo1
Value = bar1

Variable = foo2
Value = bar2
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Use a scanner generator: or, download a tokenizer library.

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It seems to natural to use strtok( ) or strtok_r( ) here. Why have you decided against it?

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