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EDIT: For the internet: utf8_encode did the trick. At the time of writing this I can't remember if I did urlencode(utf8_encode($msg)) or if utf8_encode($msg) sufficed. However the utf8_encode was needed. Gl hf!

Original question:

I have succeeded in posting status messages to users' statuses through the graph API when the message is (so to speak) content from the normal ascii range.

Like this (PHP):

$msg = "Hello dudes!";
$curlobject = new cURL();
$postparams = "access_token=" . SSN_code() . "&message=" . urlencode($msg);
$r = $curlobject->post("https://graph.facebook.com/me/feed",$postparams);

-> OK! Status updated as wanted.

However, when I use å, ä or ö in my messages (which I'd like to be able to do, since some users will be Swedish, the status messages display a question mark in a triangle where the diacritic signs are. So, like,

$msg = "Hello kåldolmar!";

would result in a status of "Hello k�ldolmar!".

Anyone knows how to encode the signs or to complement the graph request with more info to make the messag edisplay correctly?

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Use htmlspecialchars

$msg = htmlspecialchars("Hello kåldolmar!");

output will be Hello kåldolmar!
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Hi! Sorry for being the slowest being on Earth feedbacking your answer. I went on a trip abroad and this problem got sorted into the backlog for a while. Unfortunately, htmlspecialchars did not solve the problem. However, utf8_encode did (I'll edit my question in a few secs...). Thank you for your answer anyhow. It will come in handy when printing the HTML pages. – stackdaemon May 12 '11 at 8:43

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