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i am having two table

jobs and production

production table has jobid field which refers jobid of jobs table.

In hibernate how to use not in clause

to achieve following sql query

SELECT * FROM jobs where job_id not in (select job_id from production);

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hi i got answer it is very simple Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(BwJobs.class); DetachedCriteria detachedcriteria = DetachedCriteria.forClass(BwProduction.class); detachedcriteria.setProjection(Property.forName("jobId")); criteria.add(Property.forName("jobId").notIn(detachedcriteria)); // Query query = session.createQuery("from BwJobs"); jobsList = criteria.list(); – Sureshkumar Menon Apr 17 '11 at 17:03

You can use HQL:

List<Job> jobs = session.createQuery(
        "from Job where id not in (select jobId from Production)"
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