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i got a form and i want to show it as window dialog and able to submit it via dialog how i do that? what module i need?

also, how can i make that i get unique class for each form element?

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Drupal has a module for modals.
As for the unique class names in your form, this article may be helpful.

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is there any examples for the modalframe –  dorong123 Apr 17 '11 at 18:17
Just realized I wanted to link you to the popups module, the modalframe module is if you want to make completely custom modal windows, if your just looking for something lightbox-esque, then this should be more down your alley drupal.org/project/popups There's a screen cast on there that shows it off a little bit, but other then that I don't really know of any other great examples of it in action. –  charles.schlue Apr 17 '11 at 18:49

The Popups module is awesome for this.

You can easily target a page (with your form), and it puts the content of the page in the popup. It opens it similarly to a lightbox, but it does not open a new browser window.

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