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We all know T-SQL's string manipulation capabilities sometimes leaves much to be desired...

I have a numeric field that needs to be output in T-SQL as a right-aligned text column. Example:


How would you go about that? A good solution ought to be clear and compact, but remember there is such a thing as "too clever".

I agree this is the wrong place to do this, but sometimes we're stuck by forces outside our control.

Thank you.

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The STR function has an optional length argument as well as a number-of-decimals one.

SELECT STR(123.45, 6, 1)


(1 row(s) affected)
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Bravo! How did I miss this? Do note that STR() takes a float, not a decimal. SQLServer Help is very explicit about it ("... an expression of approximate numeric (float) data type"): if your decimals have enough digits, rounding will cause you trouble. This is still a great answer for most –  Euro Micelli Sep 11 '08 at 16:48

The easiest way is to pad left:

CREATE FUNCTION PadLeft(@PadString nvarchar(100), @PadLength int)
RETURNS nvarchar(200)
return  replicate(' ',@padlength-len(@PadString)) + @PadString
print dbo.PadLeft('123.456', 20)
print dbo.PadLeft('1.23', 20)
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If you MUST do this in SQL you can use the folowing code (This code assumes that you have no numerics that are bigger than 40 chars):

SELECT REPLICATE(' ', 40 - LEN(CAST(numColumn as varchar(40)))) + 
CAST(numColumn AS varchar(40)) FROM YourTable
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