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I am trying to use libpqxx (3.1) in my C++ project in order to connect to my postgresql database. I am using the lastest version of xcode (xcode 4).

I correctly made the install (./configure, make and make install) and added the library in my header search path and library search path.

header search path : /usr/local/include library search path : /usr/local/lib


#include <pqxx/pqxx>

And i get the following error in the pqxx/cursor.hxx file:

    transaction_base &trans,
    const PGSTD::string adopted_cursor) :
    **m_cur(trans, adopted_cursor, up, op)**
    // Put cursor in known position

No matching constructor for initialization for 'internal::sql_cursor'

Should I edit this file ?

Thanks for your help.

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Finally, I edited the library and changed:

 m_cur(trans, adopted_cursor, up, op)

to :

m_cur(trans, adopted_cursor, op)

to match the constructor signature.

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