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I have to develop a search function in javascript such that it will display a message/pop-up window when users does not select an option in dropdownlist. I am using usercontrols in my project. so the dropdownlist's are in .ascx file and my search function will be in .aspx file. Here is the code which I am using:

function Search() 
        var src_status = createObj("bodyuc_drp_Status").value;
        var src_program = createObj("bodyuc_drp_program").value;

        if(document.getElementById(src_program).value == 0 && document.getElementById(src_client).value == 0)
            alert("Please select atleast one client or program")
            return false;
        else {
            createObj("hdn_search").value = "Search";
            return true;

the value '0' in the if condition is the index of '--select one--' option in the dropdownlist. The above alert message should be displayed when the index is 0 otherwise the user should get the data based on his selection.

This code gives me alert message even if the users select a value other than the 'select one' option. Can anyone tell my why?

really appreciate your help.

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The value property of the select element is the same as the value property for the selected option element, not its index. To get the index, use the selectedIndex property:

if(document.getElementById(src_program).selectedIndex == 0 && document.getElementById(src_client).selectedIndex == 0)
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Thanks for the replly. Really appreciate it. –  userstackoverflow Apr 20 '11 at 20:46

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