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How can i create a directory structure with an unknown depth?

I want to show all files and folders as they are.I try to use rich:tree but i could not achive.This is a example code .But it shows only one parent folder and files.

                 <rich:tree id="logs-tree" toggleOnClick="true"
                        switchType="client" value="#{externalSourceBrowser.root}"
                        nodeFace="#{log.type}" var="log">

                        <rich:treeNode type="directory" id="directory-log">
                            <f:facet name="icon">
                                <h:graphicImage value="/misc/iconFolder.gif" />
                            <h:outputText value="#{log.filename}" />

                        <rich:treeNode type="file" id="file-log">
                            <f:facet name="icon">
                                <h:graphicImage value="/misc/iconLeaf.gif" />
                                <rich:componentControl for="upload-panel"
                                    operation="show" event="onclick" />
                                <f:setPropertyActionListener value="#{log}"
                                                             target="#{externalSourceBrowser.log}" />


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what did you try? How it failed? –  Bozho Apr 17 '11 at 19:38
Use case in exadel shows only pre known file structures i want to create a tree with rich:tree which has random structure –  ayengin Apr 18 '11 at 10:50

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Recursive tree Adaptor for this purpose by the way rich faces has a lot dizayn problem i suggest every one to use primefaces it is not mature but well dizayned.

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