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I'm trying to make Edit form and controller action for the following Model work :

public class Form {
    public int ID {get;set;}
    public List<FormElement> formElements {get;set;}
public class FormElement {
    public int ID {get;set;}
    public int FormID {get;set;}
    public string Question {get;set;}
    public string Answer {get;set;}

I've created Edit view for the Form model, used EditorTemplate for FormElement. It looks ok, form elements get rendered properly but when I try to submit the form I get :

The model of type 'testApp.Models.Form' could not be updated.
Line 35:         {
Line 36:             var form = db.Forms.Single(f => f.ID== id);
Line 37:             UpdateModel(form, collection); // <- highlighted

The Create action worked like a charm done pretty much the same way - I'm able to create new objects with collection of other objects as it's property. So I'm not sure why Edit doesn't work the same way ... any ideas ?


After several attempts to achieve the goal - having my IEnumerable of FormElement updated I've found this article http://www.codetuning.net/blog/post/Binding-Model-Graphs-with-ASPNETMVC.aspx that is describing what is happening and how to solve it.

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TryUpdateModel(form, collection);


Also see this post.

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this almost worked :) It got past the TryUpdateModel line but stopped at db.SaveChanges(); throwing : The operation failed: The relationship could not be changed because one or more of the foreign-key properties is non-nullable. When a change is made to a relationship, the related foreign-key property is set to a null value. If the foreign-key does not support null values, a new relationship must be defined, the foreign-key property must be assigned another non-null value, or the unrelated object must be deleted. What am I missing here - it's just Edit form, no relations have been modified –  torm Apr 17 '11 at 19:49
Ya, that's odd. I see the Operation Failed for people trying to do delete operation and they kinda sorta have a resolution but no one else seem to have issues with edit/update operation. –  Bala R Apr 17 '11 at 20:01
I tried to make edit view for IEnumerable<testApp.Models.FormElement> using the same editor template but in this case application doesn't throw any exception, though any changes made to the collection are not persisted in database :( –  torm Apr 17 '11 at 21:40
in the meantime I have verfied that editor template has all the properties implemented and the FormCollection posted to HttpPost Edit method has it correct ( names + values ) so I'm totaly confused –  torm Apr 17 '11 at 22:01

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