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I am not able to connect my PC to Android device using adb. I have enabled USB debugging option on the device.

The adb devices options shows following output

enter image description here

Device Manager output is shown below

enter image description here

What could be going wrong? Any suggestions?

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The problem is that your device doesn't provide a serial number. There's a patch out there to fix this, but it hasn't (yet) been integrated into the downloadable tools.

However: you can also use the -d option to adb, which means connect to the "only usb device" ignoring the serial number.

See also: http://www.newtondev.com/2011/01/21/getting-adb-to-list-your-android-vodafone-845-huawei-u8120-and-get-debugging-working/

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Your command line result shows "? device" which means your device is connected.

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