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I have an Asp.Net MVC 3 website that uses asp.net membership services for authentication. The membership database has been running on Sql Server Express 2008 and I am attempting to convert it to Sql Sever Compact 4.0.

Following the instructions here I have created the Sql Server Compact 4.0 database. I used the code from here to switch the membership provider in the MVC app.

Using the new provider and database I am able to successfully create new users and log in using the new user's password. However, I am not able to login to any of the users that previously existed in the Sql Server Express database. I am able to browse the new database and have verified that the users are all there, so I believe the problem is somehow related to not being able to successfully access the encrypted passwords that had been previously created. I really don't want to have all of the existing users change their passwords. Can anyone shed some light as to how I can make this happen?

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Is it possible it has something to do with the ApplicationName property in the web.config file?

See this blog post from ScottGu for more information:

Always set the "applicationName" property when configuring ASP.NET 2.0 Membership and other Providers

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no, there is an "applicationName" attribute specified –  Mike Moore Apr 18 '11 at 0:15

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