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I have an email blast that includes some facebook and twitter share links. For twitter, I'm using something like:


As far as I know, this is the recommended way to link to twitter status updates. Facebook used to have the share.php feature which as far as I know, still works, but has been deprecated in favor of the "like" button, which can't really be embedded in an email (lack of javascript / iframe support in most clients).

What is the new recommended way to link to a facebook "share" page? Is there no alternative? If I must continue to use share.php, is there anywhere I can find documentation on the parameters for it since Facebook refuses to preserve old documentation for legacy support?

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Here you go :

Put a share button in your email with this link :


This is the output you will get

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sharer.php is no longer documented by Facebook and was deprecated, however according to this article joshuawinn.com/facebooks-sharer-php-longer-deprecated-2014 the deprecation may now be deprecated. I LOVE programming for Facebook! –  Jonathon Horsman Jun 12 at 15:17

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