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I am trying what I thought a simple thing: drawing lines of a list of point. If I put the list statically in the xaml of my window everything is ok. If I do the bind, then nothing is displayed.

the window code:

        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
    <Polyline Stretch="Fill" Grid.Column="0" Name="polyline" Stroke="Red" DataContext="{Binding Points}">
public partial class testWindow2 : Window
    AudioSignalModelView audioSignalModelView;

    public testWindow2()

        audioSignalModelView = new AudioSignalModelView();

        this.DataContext = audioSignalModelView;

public class AudioSignalModelView
    public AudioSignalModelView()
        Point pointA = new Point {X=0,Y=0};
        Point pointB = new Point { X = 0.2, Y = 0.4 };
        Point pointC = new Point { X = 0.8, Y = 0.1 };
        Point pointD = new Point { X = 1, Y = 1 };


    private AudioSignalTest audioSignalTest;

    private PointCollection _points = new PointCollection();
    public PointCollection Points
        get { return _points; }

I think the binding is done somehow, because if I put a breakpoint in the getter of the Points property, it is called by the system...

What is obviously wrong in my code ?

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You want to bind to the Points property not the DataContext.

<Polyline Stretch="Fill" Grid.Column="0"
          Name="polyline" Stroke="Red"
          Points="{Binding Points}">  <-- Here

MSDN page

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yeah... much much better ;-) – Stephane Rolland Apr 17 '11 at 22:19

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