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I have a doubt regarding GNU GPL and GNU Affero licenses . Many of the users who use opensource scripts get confused about White-labeling their websites built with the open-source scripts. I don't know what if some Open-source scripts really restrict us in editing the Credit links even if we use the scripts for Non-commercial use

For example, I have some websites powered by WordPress,Pligg and other CMS s. I wish my websites be white label with out th back links to Software developer websites .

i)WordPress foundation, moodle(Moodle.org) and Vanillaforums didn't have any objection if we remove backlinks at footer and they say it is permitted by GPL license . phpBB also licensed under the same license. Their support team say that we should keep the back link at footer to get any support from the software community.

ii)In the same way Elgg(elgg.org) also built under the same license and I believe they didn't restrict us to give link back at footer or else where. But some theme developers( on official plugin repository ) restrict us to give link back. Some WordPress theme developers also restrict in the same way

iii)When we consider GNU affero based... script developers like Status.net and others restrict us to keep the links and not to touch footer codes. I read some some arguments about that topic too . I went trough the license page and didn't find any specific line about that. May be I am missing some thing

iv)But the script developers of Pligg(GNU Affero) clearly said that we can get rid of footer links

v)Some other developers who design themes and plugins develop themes/plugins for GPL licensed scripts and ask us not to remove the footer links or the labels on the front pages of the scripts. They don't specify the reason and they just demand it

vi)Some other developers developers who create themes and plugins develop themes/plugins for GPL licensed scripts release the particular themes/plugins under Creative Commons license and ask us not to remove the links

Some experts say that we should remove the labeling/branding for security issues to protect our websites from hackers. I believe the same and others though. But I always get confused about GNU affero ( as above mentioned point iii ) license . And also restrictions as mentioned in ii, v, vi confuses me why I should not touch the footer codes if the main script is licensed under GPL

I don't sell the scripts or websites built using them . Just I need them fully "whitelabeled" for security reasons. Does anybody have Idea on them?

Could any body clarify my doubts. So that I can get a clear Idea on these credits issue?

Thanks !

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This is a legal question, and is off-topic here. Consult qualified counsel. Taking legal advice from the people here is about on the order of taking medical advice. –  bmargulies Apr 17 '11 at 22:32

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GPL is about distribution. When a software is licensed under GPL the developer ensures their rights on the software. But you can modify the GPL'ed software as you like. You can remove links. Vendor cannot forbid this. If they do, then it means that the license is not GPL, it is a modified version of GPL. Also in this situation vendor cannot claim that their license is GPL.

Some users do not understand GPL, some compaines do not understand GPL and unfortunately sometimes vendors do not understand GPL yet they publish their software under GPL.

GPL is about FREEDOM, you are allowed to do whatever you want with your GPL'ed copy. Use, modify, distribute. Of course you have to give credit to the author of software if you modify it. But it is all about freedom. If they want backlinks to themselves then they shouldn't license their software under GPL!


I will give an example for Wordpress (GPL'ed). You can change anything including footers and back links. Wordpress template thing is a different story. Each template calls some methods of wordpress core. Thus scripts (i mean the php part) must be licensed under GPL only the artwork (images, css etc...) may have licensed under some restrictive license. But accomplishing this is tricky, i mean it is again imposible to forbid to remove footer and back link.

You can upload your blog you your host and use it without need of publishing any changes.


Exactly same applies however there is a big difference. I you use AGPL'ed code, you have to provide the source code to whom "uses" it.

If you remove footer from status.net app and use it on your web site. You will need to provide the source code that's it.


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Thanks for your good explanation! –  user511054 Apr 29 '11 at 15:42
"Of course you have to give credit to the author of software if you modify it." If it's a website how do you do that unless you link back to the author/developer? –  KashifB Oct 12 at 15:50
KasnifB, you have to give credit if you distribute the work. You are not distributing anything (beware javascript libraries are different story) if you provide your application as a web site. No link backs. –  JCasso Oct 12 at 20:30

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