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I'm at a Ruby enviroment where I can't load C extensions, just pure-ruby code. I can't use RubyInline, FFI or Win32OLE, only one way to load an external code: Win32API. But how can I compile a C++ code that can be required by the ruby? I tried with these codes, but raised an error:


static int add(int a, int b) // I tried without static too
  return a + b;


g++ --shared test.cpp -o test.dll


Win32API.new('test.dll', 'add', 'II', 'I').call(1, 2) # => should return 3

error message

GetProcAddress: add or addA


Ruby 1.8.1
GCC 4.5.2 (tdm-1)
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You need to use a .DEF file. See my answer to this question

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