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my script stores key values in a hash, so that the line with those keyes are not treated again. Each time a new key is stored the has is saved:

function readConf($File) {
$H = @{}
if (test-path -path $File) {
Get-Content $File | ForEach-Object {
$x = $_ -replace "-", ""
$x = $x -replace "Name", ""
$x = $x -replace "Value", ""
$x = $x.Trim()
$L = $x -split "\s{3,}"
#echo(" ok: "+$L+" $H[ $L[0] ] = $L[1]
$H.Neu = Get-Date -uformat "%Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S"
hConf = readConf($confFile) # no problem so far"
while ($true) {
if ( $hConf[$key] ) { continue }
$hConf[$key] = $val
$hConf > $confFile ...
} # end of endless while

As long as this script is running I can see and open this configFile, everything is there, what should be there. But as soon as I stop the script (by Ctrl-c or in the ISE click on the red button) my configfile is gone, it just disapeared??
Other files that were written the same time line by line still exist?

Of course I check that I don't have e file-delete, but even if I would store an empty hash by what ever reason, I think I see an empty file - but the Config-File is gone?

Does anybody know a reson for that? Thanks in advance,

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I'm not quite following what you're trying to do, but:

$hConf > $confFile

doesn't look right. You probably want:

$hConf >> $confFile


$hConf | out-file -append $conffile


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