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I know how to print a string, but the documentation on printing integers is surprisingly scarce. I'm not even sure if my question is right.

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If you can link against the C library, you could call the printf function. On most x86 systems, variadic functions use the cdecl calling convention - arguments are pushed on the stack from right to left (so, first the register value, then the string containing %d), and you have to clean up the stack (add to %esp) after the call.

For more details please specify what system you're on (and if you can't link against the C library, you'll need to generate a string by hand to convert it into whatever base you want to print in.

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Assuming you are using printf (either syscall or int $0x80), you would have to look up the gcc varargs specification. What you would want to do is insert a %i somewhere in the string and pass the register as the first vararg argument.

I don't know off the top of my head how varargs are handled in syscalls, but it would be much easier to just make a C wrapper function to print the number and link it in with the assembly program.

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printf isn't a system call. –  Random832 Apr 18 '11 at 1:32

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