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I am just learning how to make basic stuff with a WebMatrix download, with only some RoR experience.

I would like to use a variable I have created from a login form in an SQL statement checking for rows with the above variable, my code being:

var email = foo@live.com

This variable is being created just fine using if(IsPost), it works fine.


var sqlQ2 = "SELECT * FROM people WHERE email='foo@live.com'";
var data2 = db.Query(sqlQ2);

    foreach(var row in data2)


Works correctly, but I would like to replace foo@live.com with the variable email.

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Please make sure you are correctly parameterizing your queries to prevent against SQL Injection. –  insta Jul 12 '11 at 18:12

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Like this:

var rows = db.Query("SELECT * FROM people WHERE email=@0", email);
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