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Greetings to all.

Does anyone know if it is possible to essentially convert CATransition to an explicit animation? That is, I almost want it to behave like CABasicAnimation does- I need to be able to create the CATransition object, set the options for it (duration, timingFunction, delegate, type, fillMode, removedOnCompletion, etc)- then essentially store it for later use and make sure it isn't trying to animate stuff that's happening between the CATransition object creation and the point in time at which I actually need it to animate a set of properties.

If I'm using CABasicAnimation, I can easily do this as nothing is animated until the animation is added to the layer and only the property specified in animationWithKeyPath is animated between toValue/fromValue. However, CATransition apparently fires [CATransaction begin] the moment you create the animation object for capturing property changes.

What I need to be able to do (as per above) is create the CATransition object, set the above options, then put it away until I actually need to use it- at which point I'll change the actual properties that it needs to animate, then add it to the appropriate CALayer via addAnimation.

Does anyone know how to do this safely?

PS: The reason for this is because my application depends heavily on a custom animation queueing system that handles animation dependencies. For example, certain things need to animate before an orientation change occurs, so I can queue ~10 animations which will all fire off AND the orientation change animation object as well- but the orientation change animation won't fire until the previous animations that it depends on have finished. Incidentally, CABasicAnimation can be wrapped up nicely into a queued animation object class. CATransition seems to be a bit of a different beast, hence the above question- I need to be able to safely create an animation queue object, setup a bunch of CATransition options, queue it up, then actually have it execute later on (meanwhile all sorts of stuff is happening) when all of it's dependencies have been satisfied (in this case, CATransition is being used for the orientation change animation).

Thanks, -Keven Tipping

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